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October, where did you go?!

I will never outwardly complain about work because I am sincerely lucky to have the setup that I have, the flexibility it gives me to do what I want and the schedule that I have made for myself is pretty great. But this year… Continue Reading “October, where did you go?!”

Weekend festivities and the Chubb Trail

In Eureka, Missouri. Yesterday I spent the day in Poplar Bluff, Missouri for a family reunion. I went with my parents, my almost-3-year-old niece and Cash. What a BEAUTIFUL weekend. My sweet girl T!This isn’t even EVERYONE on my mom’s father’s side. Thanks to… Continue Reading “Weekend festivities and the Chubb Trail”

Two parks; one weekend!

Oh weekend. Why? Why must you go so quickly? Your sunny yet cool late spring temperatures…your way of making patio drinks and live music so alluring…so much to do and so little time. Friday I got off early. We ran some errands, hit up… Continue Reading “Two parks; one weekend!”