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What to do when it’s just *too* cold to go outside

Oh, winter has a way with me. On one hand, the homebody & introvert in me lllllloves to hibernate. January and February you can easily find me sipping coffee and tea all day under piles of blankets on the couch. However, it’s been so… Continue Reading “What to do when it’s just *too* cold to go outside”

A different kind

All last night I couldn’t sleep. It was a good “can’t sleep” though. Scheduled for today was the first group hike for my local chapter of Mountain Chicks that I had planned a couple weeks ago. I am sitting here now, 13 long hours after… Continue Reading “A different kind”

Fall and winter gear…

I treated myself (and B) for my birthday this year. Yeah, it was nearly 2 months ago and I’m just now sharing my buys, but better late than never?  I love to stock up on gear when it’s out of season and on sale.… Continue Reading “Fall and winter gear…”

Rainy holiday…

My main goal in life today is to find the best smelling and longest lasting cedar satchets or essential oils. I am determined to be knocked out by the pleasant and nostalgic smell of cedar when I walk into my closet or go through… Continue Reading “Rainy holiday…”