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And so I did.

March has been an insanely packed and fast paced month so far. We have been traveling, hiking a ton, have camping trips planned, had and have family birthday parties and baby showers and still have more of the above coming up! I cannot believe… Continue Reading “And so I did.”

The Adventures and Misfortunes of the Not-So-Grand Canyon vacation 

This was it.  The trip of the year next to our upcoming AT excursion. I was finally going to see the Grand Canyon. Something I daydreamed about often as an adult. Would I cry? Would I stand speechless? Would I be overwhelmed with emotion?… Continue Reading “The Adventures and Misfortunes of the Not-So-Grand Canyon vacation “

Janu-weary and my travel bucket list! 

January. Everyone is in that post-holiday haze. It’s cold and we are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. I’m tired.  I couldn’t sleep last night which really isn’t unusual for me. I am up until at least 1:30 or 2 every single night but every… Continue Reading “Janu-weary and my travel bucket list! “

Thursday (& Autumn) ramblings

Haha, the cover photo for this post is my favorite from LAST fall. I love Cash’s face!  I cannot wait to get out this weekend and hike with B! After our big day last Friday I am hungry for more trail action. We actually… Continue Reading “Thursday (& Autumn) ramblings”