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Mountain Chicks Strike Again

Unofficially, however. The last full weekend of August, a few of us Mountain Chicks got together for a weekend of camping and hiking. It was a beautiful weekend of getting to know each other a little more and tackling some trails. As you can… Continue Reading “Mountain Chicks Strike Again”

Spring fever…

Good lord have I been slacking. I’ve been in a funk. Does anybody else get high anxiety when the weather starts to change from cold and gray to sunny and 60? Usually I get funky going from warm to cold weather, so this is… Continue Reading “Spring fever…”

Taum Sauk Mountain (and other things!)

This was my first weekend in 3 weeks that I actually had off. We were originally going to the Lake of the Ozarks with B’s family but some things came up and nobody ended up going. So I made sure to fill every moment… Continue Reading “Taum Sauk Mountain (and other things!)”

Weekend: Pere Marquette State Park/Olin Nature Preserve

Two weekends ago before wedding season kicked in at work, B and I spent a Saturday afternoon in Grafton. The main purpose in driving out there was to pay for our annual anniversary stay at Tara Point. We got married at the Pere Marquette… Continue Reading “Weekend: Pere Marquette State Park/Olin Nature Preserve”

A first time solo camper’s journal…

*Disclaimer: you may get to know me more than you care to after this post…* All week I have been impatiently waiting for my first solo camping trip. All week I have been going over all of the possible scenarios in my head; of… Continue Reading “A first time solo camper’s journal…”