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Trail Tuesday – Element Series: Water

I’ve been on a water kick lately. Bottled, canned and carbonated, tap in a Nalgene, a steady stream trickling parallel to a trail, a booming waterfall. When I begin to come back to the water, I know change is imminent. You can see on… Continue Reading “Trail Tuesday – Element Series: Water”

Two parks; one weekend!

Oh weekend. Why? Why must you go so quickly? Your sunny yet cool late spring temperatures…your way of making patio drinks and live music so alluring…so much to do and so little time. Friday I got off early. We ran some errands, hit up… Continue Reading “Two parks; one weekend!”

Klondike Park

It’s been about 5 weeks since I started the commitment to better my health, mentally and physically. I have fully  dedicated myself to getting in at least 5 days a week of walking/jogging 2-4 miles per day and weather permitting, going for 1-3 hikes… Continue Reading “Klondike Park”

Lake of the Ozarks

Happy Sunday! We just got back from my husband’s family cottage in the Lake of the Ozarks. This won’t be a camping or hiking post, but sometimes this place is nearly just as good as a weekend in the woods. It sits on the 4… Continue Reading “Lake of the Ozarks”

Close to home…

You will see a lot of posts featuring Lake Glendale at Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, near Paducah, Kentucky on this weblog. I like to think it has basically become our unspoken home base campground. We were there probably 4-6 times last year. … Continue Reading “Close to home…”