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This number will signify a few things in this post. Firstly – my Facebook page has ONE HUNDRED followers! How cool is that. Thanks so much!! Secondly – besides the last couple days, the Midwest weather has felt like 100+ degrees. Ugh. Is it… Continue Reading “100”

Another No ‘Poo post…

Just sharing a couple progress pics as my “No ‘Poo” journey continues into week 8.  I am cleansing weekly pretty much exclusively with this miracle product; Joico whipped cleansing conditioner co-wash. It works beautifully with my hair texture and length and comes in moisturizing,… Continue Reading “Another No ‘Poo post…”

No ‘Poo…

The title of this post is NOT in fact, referring to bodily functions. It has little to do with camping and outdoors (yet in a way, it will be very helpful down the road! I’ll let you in on that later…) and more to… Continue Reading “No ‘Poo…”