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AT Journal Day 7

Tuesday October 3 We woke up before the sun again today and left our cozy cabin at Lewis Mountain Campground around 7:15am. Before we got on the trail I had to stop at the bathrooms because I was feeling…a little rumbly. Heh. We carried… Continue Reading “AT Journal Day 7”

AT Journals Day 5 & 6

*Nightly I would quickly type out a general summary of our day. Post trip, I have been editing them and filling in some blanks! Apologies for the late posts, heh…I have been busy and up to so much and I need to catch up… Continue Reading “AT Journals Day 5 & 6”

AT Journal – Day 4

Saturday Sept. 30th – End of day Temp. Hi – 66* / Lo – 45* Miles hiked so far – 16 Nobody hiked in to the shelter or vicinity last night. It was just us and we were being shaken by wind consistently throughout… Continue Reading “AT Journal – Day 4”

Post Trail Blues

And just like that, we were back home. In the wake of returning to normal, every day work life tomorrow – I find myself with no energy, sighing loudly every few minutes and trying to avoid thoughts of the overwhelmingly busy reality that’s about… Continue Reading “Post Trail Blues”

Taum Sauk Mountain (and other things!)

This was my first weekend in 3 weeks that I actually had off. We were originally going to the Lake of the Ozarks with B’s family but some things came up and nobody ended up going. So I made sure to fill every moment… Continue Reading “Taum Sauk Mountain (and other things!)”

October 2017

Drumroll please! Or not. It’s not that big of a deal. Except for to me and B. I just thought I would share what we have officially decided for our adventure next October! Seeing as how it will take a lot of preparation and… Continue Reading “October 2017”